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The four words not alot of people know about. The one diseases alot of people have. Whats the disease you ask? HLHS or Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. There is alot of information on HLHS like what it effects, cures, and how it effects my brother's life.

First is what it effects- HLHS effects the left side of the heart which is undeveloped. So there are only two chambers of the heart and since the left side is not developed. Theres not alot of blood flow through the body.

Next are the cures- There are no known cures for HLHS. But there are surgeries they can do. First is the norwood, then the Glenn after that is the Fantan or a heart transplant. As a last resort there is compassion care which I think is wrong but I dont won't to go into sad details. 

Last is how it effects my brother's life- His name is Daniel. He had HLHS ever since he was born. It made him so sick he was only home for three weeks and went back to the hospital where he coded for 30 minutes. But the sad part is, my brother Daniel, he passed away.

Children born with HLHS do not know what their future holds. They can't do the things you or I do like play sports. They also have to take medicine to help their heart beat.

This speech is dedciated to Daniel Lee Brooks
Mitchell brooks
5th grade 10 yrs old

My First Speech I did in Memory of my baby brother Daniel Lee 3-12-06  
Attention kids of Land O' Lakes. There is a disease that babies can be born with called Congenital Heart Defect. Most people have never heard of this disease unless they know someone who's had a baby born with it. I'm going to share with you what it is and what causes it and what doctors are doing for babies who are born with it.

Congenital Heart Defect can affect different parts of a baby's heart. One is called Hypoplastic left heart syndrome HLHS for short. It's when a baby is born without the left side of the heart. There's also HRHS when a baby does not have the right side of the heart. I should know because my baby brother was born with it. Heart defects are the most common killer of baby's - Adults.

No one knows what causes Congenital Heart Defects. Doctors and scientiest are trying to find the causes but they still have no clue. They do lots of tests, but no results. I really, really want them to find a cure. Do you want to help? If I had all the money in the world I would donate it to for researchers to buy better equiment. I wish they could have found out what caused it and a cure before my brother was born.

Doctos do alot for babys with this disease. One thing they do is open heart surgery. That is when they open up the heart and work on it to correct the problem. Sometimes it does not help. My brother had open heart surgery and he got real sick. A bacteria got on an important valve in his heart caused it to deterorate. They used lots of machines to keep him alive. When my brother was on the machine it was so depressing to watch. Because he was so little and helpless. He was just 6 months old.

If you want to know more you can look up " Congenital Heart Defects or look for books on it. I hope you learned more on this diseases.

By Mitchell brooks jr 9yrs old
fourth grade
My Sweet Angel Dec 12,2005  
My Sweet Angel 
Maybe you were my Angel
in disguise when
I was prengant with you that
    no one 
was suppose to know not
    even us.

When you came into this world
you brought happiness and joy to
our family and our lives.
You brought the sunshine and the
rain when we saw you.

How could anyone of us ever known
that you were an Angel in disguise
You look so perfect even though
you went through so much that
No baby should ever go through.

How could it be now that you are
so far from us in a different place
called Heaven
Now you are our Guardian Angel forever.

You will never be forgotten
Everyone misses, and loves you
so much......

You touched so many lives with
that handsome smile of your's 
that I surely do miss.

I miss looking into your big
blue eyes could you have been
an Angel all this time.

Daniel Lee Brooks
Our angel so close by
is our brightest star in heaven
smiling down on us.

So when you are sadden
please look up in the sky
you may see my handsome angel
Or he could be right beside you
telling you everything is alright
I love you sweet baby boy
of mine Love you,

A Mother's Happy and Sad Tears 7-31-02  
A Mother's Happy and Sad Tears
Has a mother I have shed alot of tears,
some happy and some sad.
When we found out that we were expecting you
I shed happy tears.
When we were picking out baby things for you
and I was having those strange carvings and mood swings
I shed some tears.

Listening to your heart beat for the first time,
Seeing you for the first time by ultrasound,
Feeling you move around when you moved around which
wasn't that much
watching you kick, poke and pull or hiccuping.

I shed tears when you were born into this world
I shed alot of tears that could last a life time for all
mothers to be.

Then one day we learned the most heart breaking news
that no mother of father should hear.
Our baby boy has a very serious heart defect called
Hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

Could it be out angel in disguise from day one
Could you have been an angel all this time, and
no one not knowing for sure.

I shed tears when we finally brought you home
we watched you do your baby things through the
short six months of your life.

Then one day you became so sick
you fought so hard with your life
As parents we fought every day of your life
to try to save your life even though it wasn't
in our hands.

Now after losing such a handsome little boy,
I shed more and more tears. I am missing you like

I know I won't get to watch you grow up
into a fine little boy
to be like your big brother but when I see him
I still see you.

I won't be able to teach you things about life
I won't see you learn to walk or say momma
I won't get to see you going to school one day.

All I have are the best nine months when you were in
my tummy
The best six months that I had with you
I will shed every tear there is
Daniel Lee mommy loves you so much!!!

I know that you are in Heaven
looking down on us to make sure we are
doing alright.
Playing with your angel friends that you meet
each and every day.

Daniel is our guardian angel, our protector
One day sweet baby boy we will see each 
other again.
Just remember how much you are loved and 

A Mommy's Wish 1-31-04  
A Mommy's Wish

I wish I could hear my son
I wish I could hold Daniel Lee 
           in my arms
I wish I could tell him how much
    he is loved and missed

Does Daniel know how much
 we love and miss him
I know he is safe up there in
    Jesus' arms
I wish I could hold Daniel Lee
     in my arms
Just for alittle while that would
make my day it will be harder to
   let him go again but
my wish is to hold him in my arms.


People tell us that we are
young to have more children
Which all makes us upset,
     angry and mad.
But they could never walk in
       our shoes.

Imagine for a moment
what our lives would be like
I know for myself that Daniel
is in the BEST place called

I imagine what it would be
if Daniel was with us
I know that he would be sick
fighting off so many things
making hositpal home.
What kind of life is that
I know I would be able to hold,
kiss, read and sing to him.
but for him it wouldn't be
    so well.

We always know what is best
   for our children
even though in life it is hard, even
when we had to make the hardest
Can you imagine their life now?

I know that all Our Angels
are having fun in Heaven
Girls chasing boys or
Boys chasing girls.

They get to sit on Jesus' lap 
they are our Guardian Angels
They watch over us on their
white fluffy cloud or
they shine bright through
a shining star.

They are smiling down on us
because they love us and also
they made us STRONGER

So when someone tells us we can
have more children or other children
You can just say,
Can you imagine walking in my shoes?
Kateena Brooks

Today How I Feel  
Today How I Feel

Today, I feel angry, saden 
   heart broken
Today, Daniel went to Heaven
    two years ago.
Today, it seems like a lifetime ago
that I held Daniel in my arms
Oh, how saden I am today
   to let him go.
Someone toldd me when you
love someone that much it
is a price we pay
You know it is so true
Because today I am left with
precious memories that I hold
onto i my heart.
Today, Daniel is in Heaven
I wonder what He is doing
Today my heart breaks
Kateena brooks 1-31-04

Only In My Heart In Memory of Daniel Lee  
Only In My Heart In Memory of Daniel Lee

Today and the rest of my life
I will keep my son in my heart!
Daniel lives in my heart
through his daddy and Mitchell jr
   I see Daniel.
I picture what and who he would look like
I and you know that answer
Daniel looks like his big brother and his dad
Daniel would have red hair and
the biggest blue eyes you could
      ever seen.
Daniel is in Heaven and 
He lives forever in my heart.
Kateena Brooks

MY Personnal Poems To Hold My Baby  
To Hold My Baby
Today is Daniel's second anniversary
oh, how wondeful if I could hold him
There so much I would say to him
If I could hold him in my arms
There isnt a day that goes by
that I don't think of him,
  my heart breaks
My arms are yearning to
   hold him again
If I could hold my Baby Boy.
I could tell him I love him,
how I miss his handsome smile 
and his big blue eyes
If only I could have him to 
     hold him.
Kateena Brooks

Daniel Lee Brooks Legacy  
Daniel Lee touched so many lives that he came in contact with. Daniel could just steal your heart and make you melt. He leaves behind his big brother Mitchell jr, his mom and dad and other family members. Daniel is always with us, he lives inside of all of our hearts.

We hold all kinds of
memories in our hearts
memories of our childhood
memories of our first date
memories of our first love
memories of our marriages
memories of our first child
memories of their childhood
memories of our second son
memories of his six months
now in all we carry his 
memories in our hearts
We cherish every day, months
and memories in our hearts.
It is a blessing to have 
If we didn't have memerioes 
what would we do
I am sure we would be lost
So hold on to your 
Kateena Brooks

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