Daniel Brooks
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Born in El Paso, Texas on January 31, 2002 on a Thursday morning at 4:05 am 7 pounds and 8 ounces and 21 inches long.
We learned of Daniel's heart defect which was Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.  on February 1st, 2002
Daniel and I went to Children's hositpal in Dallas, Texas on 2-2-01
Daniel had his first open heart surgery on 2-5-02
Daniel was discharge from the hositpal on 2-16-02
Came home to El Paso, Texas 2-17-02
March 2002
March 15th, 2002 woke up at 11:30pm took to the army hositpal
March 16th, 2002 was then transported to a local hositpal for better care.
March 16th, went into septic shock, coded for 30 min's. His kidneys and liver were starting to fail to work. Daniel had a blood and stomach infection on top of RSV. Some brian damages but not sure how much.
March 19th, transported to Dallas Children hositpal, in Dallas, Texas.
March 20th, Put on the kidney machine to remove the extra fluids that he had in his body.
March 22, almost died again due to not releasing his co'2's. Had a microscope go down his breathing tube he had to breath on his on for a short period of time while they were able to do this to see what was causing the problem. Found the problem to be a big mucas plug.
March 24th, was started to winged Daniel off the vent, the kidney machine and other medication that was given to him.
March 26th, taking off the kidney machine.
March 27th having withdrawals from a pain medication.
April 2002
April 1st, 2002 was placed back on the vent
April 2nd, fighting off another infection from his central line that was in his leg. Daniel started shunting and more test was done on him to find out why he shunted.
April 5th we learned that he was fight three more bacterias.
April 7th I got to hold him more.
April 8th the dr's had to cut his feedings off. Had an echo done that showed his heart was inlarged and more leaking around the valve.
April 9th, Daniel's pic lined went our so they had to do a surgical line in him.
April 10th He was learned that he had a bacteria that was growing on his trucispid valve called Endocarditics was giving anitbontics for six weeks.
April 12th we returned to the local hositpal in El Paso, Tx by plane.
April 20th we learned that Daniel's right lung wasn't getting only 21 percent of blood flow the left lung was alright.
April 24th another cathered was done.
April 26th, Daniel started dropping his oxygen level his blood preasure was high and heavy breathing.
May 2002
 May 1st. Daniel has a heating blanket on him, not feeling so well.
May 5 - they were able to put an iv in Daniel, it is hard to keep an IV in him since his veins were gone.
May 12- Daniel started to run a fever, breathing alittle bit heavy. Having problems with his surgical line.
May 21st- caught another bacteria infection
May 22nd- we were scared because they couldn't fine no veins on Daniel for the surgical line but they did get an IV in him.
May 31th - Daniel got really sick again and we were heading back to Children's Hositpal in Dallas, Texas.
June 2002
June 1st - Daniel went down to the MRI room to get scan to see about his veins to see if had any to be able to use. Had more blood cultures done. Iv went out again but another one was put in.
June 2nd - plans were to try to do another surgical line in him. The IV that was in his head went bad.
June 3rd - Daniel had another surgical line put in.
June 5th - Daniel kept vomiting, breathing alittle bit heavy, Daniel had the Upper GI test done.
June 9th- took a ride out in the wagon away from his hositpal room.
June 13- Daniel went down to the catherzation lab to see why his oxygen level has been low. His Aorta is narrow which caused the problem. Had to make the Aorta bigger to allow the flow.
June 15th- Another cat scan or mri done so they can look at the aorta.
July 2002

July 2nd- Daniel's oxygen level started to dropped
July 3rd - Daniel had an ECO done it turns out his pulmonary artery is narrow which they can fix in his next surgery.
July 8th- Had the Glenn surgery
July 9th- dropped his oxygen after they took him off the vent.
July 10th- Daniel had to go back on the vent to help him breath. Daniel's right lung collasped, they did x rays showed alot of mucas.
July 11th- starting to make alittle bit improvements.
July 13th- his chest tubes were removed.
July 15th - started to wing of the nitric oxide stuff and vent.
July 16th - Daniel decided to pull out his breathing tube, now they put the breathing tube in his nose.
July 17th dr's winging him from his medication.
July 18th - more cultures were done
July 20th - now back on feeds still fighting a bacteria
July 21st - his oxygen is still pretty low.
July 22- starting to have a low grade fever.
July 23 - Daniel's central line came out from his neck, the doctors did put another line in his left leg but that one had to come out because it started leaking. Daniel's heart rate has been high and his oxygen has been low. Daniel is placed back on the vent.
July 24th - Daniel still remains on the vent 100 % oxygen with Nitric oxide at 84 percent. Still has a fever. More cultures will were drawn.
July 26th - Daniel had an echo done where they go down through his nose to look at the back of his heart to see what is going on. Daniel did drop his oxygen level but they did come back after they suction him.
July 28TH - Went down to the catherzation lab to see what was going on with his heart.
July 29th- We learned that Daniel won't be a candiate for a heart transplant because of so many bacteria's and viruses he fought off. We found out that everything with the surgery went great was working just fine what was causing the problems is that in April he had a bacteria called Endocarditics that he was being treated for six weeks of anitbotic well, it killed the trucispid valve.
When then called family to let them know what we have to do. We called my mother in law to bring our other son Mitchell jr up so he can spend time with him.
July 30th - we all spend alot of time with Daniel lee. I ended up spending my last night with our sweet baby boy. There all the nurses that took care of Daniel came down to say their good byes, and let him know that he was loved and will be missed. That touched my heart.
July 31st- The day he turned six months old, I called my husband, son and mother n law to let them know I believe it was time. Mothers have this special connection with their children and you just know when it is time. So we made that day in a memory. Daniel's nurse and hubby made finger and footprints on computer paper. Then Dad and I gave him his last bath got him dressed in the handsome outfit his dad bought him. Then Dad held him and his big brother Mitchell jr read Daniel the foot book. That is the same book he read to Daniel when he was born, just so neat he choose that book to read to him. Grandma held Daniel for awhile. And then I held him, the doctor and the nurse came in to see if we were ready. They turned off the machines, took out his breathing tube and then Daniel went to heaven in my arms at 5:45 pm. It broke all of our hearts. We stayed with him for awhile holding him. Then the nurse asked us if we were going to lay Daniel to rest in the out fit he had on and she told us it would be wise if we took it with us so that it wouldn't get lost. Hubby and I changed him I put him on a fresh diaper and then the hositpal pj's on. I spent more time with him. The nurse he had then told me that shouldn't allow anyone else take Daniel down to where he had to go. I made her promise me and she did. She took Daniel down there after we kissed him goodbye. Then we took my brother n law back to his hotel  and then we went to the ronald mcdonald house.

August 2002
August 1st - We went to the local funeral home in Dallas to make arriangements for Daniel to be flown home to Florida. We got to see him too.

August 2nd - Daniel was on his way to Florida to be laid to rest. He left from DFW airport at one pm and arrived in Tampa, Florida at four pm.

August 3rd - We went to make arriangements for his funeral. I was numb didn't know what in the world I was doing just agreeing to everything my husband and mother n law said. We then went out to the cementary to pick his resting spot.

August 5th - We had his awake, Daniel looked so much at peace. Both families were there to help us with what we needed.

August 6th- We laid Daniel Lee Brooks funeral at the local chapel then drive to the cementary. Then we went to my mother n law's house for a gathering and then went back to see him.

August 10th - my handsome put a memory tree in honored of our son Daniel Lee Brooks in his mom's front yard.
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