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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Daniel Brooks who was born in Texas on January 31, 2002 and passed away on July 31, 2002 . We will remember him forever. I am going to share something that is so important to me and I wanted to get the information out to all of you and that way you can share information On CHD it is so important to me. I Deciate this to my handsome little boy in his Memory.

      In Memory of Daniel Lee Brooks
        January 31,2002 wings July 31,2002

People say, " Oh, it won't happen to me." But it can. It happened to my family. I have two handsome boys. One is ten years old with a healthy heart. The other, our baby boy Daniel was born with a heart defect called Hypoplastic Left heart Syndrome. Daniel had two out of the three required open heart surgeries to treat his defect. He was home only three weeks after undergoing his first surgery at Children's Medical Center of Dallas  until he got so sick and had to return to the hositpal. After Daniel became healthy enough he was return to Dallas for his second surgery. Daniel fought for his short life ad we fought with him but his heart was too badly damaged to attempt any further repairs. Daniel died peacefully on a warm Wednesday evening in our arms. He reminded me of Tigger (from Winnie the Pooh) who was always bouncing back. We had six wonderful months with Daniel until he went to heaven. It is important for me to make people, particularly medical personnel, aware of Congenital Heart Defects so they can recognize the signs of these heart defects and how they can help families understand and deal with their child's illness.

About 40,000 children a year are born with a Congenital Heart Defect in the United States. One out of every one hundred births result in some form of Congenital Heart Defects. One in twenty of those is fatal. Congenital Heart Defects are the number one cause of deaths for children less than one year old. There are approximately two million Americans alive today with heart defects. Through ongoing research thirty five different defects have been identified. Nearly twice as many children die each year from heart defects than die of all forms of childhood cancer combined. Yet, there are five times more research dollars expended for childhood cancers research than for Congenital Heart Disease.

What can you do? Get good prenatal care. Early diagnosis is critical. Make sure when you have an ultrasound they look at all four chambers of the heart, the heart itself and the great vessels. Ask, to make sure they see everything involving the heart. If you have history of Congenital Heart Disease, have your children screened by a cardiologist. Become an organ donor and make your family aware of your wishes. Become a blood donor, donate money to fund research into Congenital Heart Disease.

There are NO known causes for Congenital Heart Defects. " They literally just happen". For more information please call American Heart Association at 1-800-677-5481. Making  a monetary donation will enable the researchers to find a solution to the proble,. If you have internet access please feel free to visit their website at www.americanheart.org or www.chdnow.com to read more stories about Congenital Heart Defects...

Alittle about Daniel Lee
Daniel was a very handsome little guy. I miss him every day. As a grieving mom you will never forget them at all. By letting go doesn't mean that you will forget them believe me it has been four years since my loss and I can remember every ounce of Daniel. From the biggest blue eyes he had, to the red hair he ended up with. His handsome smile, the way he cooed, how hard he fought, how brave and strong he was. I remember the way he flirted with the nurses, the way he hold my finger. The way he looked into my eyes with those deep blue eyes. Time goes by but still I remember Daniel lee. Memories is what will keep me going and what will help me get through each and every day.

Daniel taught us how to fight, that we will make it through it just takes time to heal. I believe all of our Angels teaches us things when they are here and still do so now. Daniel taught me to be brave and strong, to never give up keep on fighting just like he did. To have HOPE, to have FAITH and to HANG onto them both because GOD is what will get me through my grief...
I miss him so much but I know Daniel is with us all. God bless.

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Happy 14th birthday   / Mommy (my son )
Good morning my sunshine, Daniel Lee... I wanted to wish you a Happy 14th birthday, can't believe you would have been 14 years old. I wonder what you are like, what your favorite things would be. Instead I don't have those answer. I love and miss you...  Continue >>
Merry Christmas   / Mommy (mommy)
Daniel Lee, Merry Christmas to you my sweet angel in heaven. There is not a day that doesn't go by that I don't think of you. I hope that you are having a grand of a day celebrating Jesus's birthday today. Tell baby March and September Powell that...  Continue >>
13 years ago   / Mommy Powell (his mommy )
My sweet Daniel Lee, there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you. I miss and love you dearly. I remember that night on the 30th of this month. All the nurses came down telling me what you have done, you have touched their hearts, that y...  Continue >>
Happy 13th Birthday   / Mommy Powell (his mother )
My sweetest Daniel Lee, I wanted to wish you a happy 13th birthday, you are forever loved and missed. I wish I could just hold you in my arms but I know grandma Ayers, and grandpa Granger is holding you and loving you for me. Give your brother or ...  Continue >>
Merry Christmas   / Mommy Powell (Daniel's mommy )
My sweet baby boy Daniel Lee, Merry Christmas, I sure do miss you so much. But I know your having a great time in heaven with Jesus, your siblings, ( Baby March Powell and Baby Sept. Powell) I know you have your grandparents (my mom and dad) up th...  Continue >>
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My First Speech I did in Memory of my baby brother Daniel Lee 3-12-06  
Attention kids of Land O' Lakes. There is a disease that babies can be born with called Congenital Heart Defect. Most people have never heard of this disease unless they know someone who's had a baby born with it. I'm going to share with you what it is and what causes it and what doctors are doing for babies who are born with it.

Congenital Heart Defect can affect different parts of a baby's heart. One is called Hypoplastic left heart syndrome HLHS for short. It's when a baby is born without the left side of the heart. There's also HRHS when a baby does not have the right side of the heart. I should know because my baby brother was born with it. Heart defects are the most common killer of baby's - Adults.

No one knows what causes Congenital Heart Defects. Doctors and scientiest are trying to find the causes but they still have no clue. They do lots of tests, but no results. I really, really want them to find a cure. Do you want to help? If I had all the money in the world I would donate it to for researchers to buy better equiment. I wish they could have found out what caused it and a cure before my brother was born.

Doctos do alot for babys with this disease. One thing they do is open heart surgery. That is when they open up the heart and work on it to correct the problem. Sometimes it does not help. My brother had open heart surgery and he got real sick. A bacteria got on an important valve in his heart caused it to deterorate. They used lots of machines to keep him alive. When my brother was on the machine it was so depressing to watch. Because he was so little and helpless. He was just 6 months old.

If you want to know more you can look up " Congenital Heart Defects or look for books on it. I hope you learned more on this diseases.

By Mitchell brooks jr 9yrs old
fourth grade
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